New Ohio Law Takes Aim At Occupational Licenses, Which Cost State $6 Billion.
Forbes. January 2019. (link pdf)

Study Reveals Damage Done by Insidious Licensing Laws.
Philanthropy Daily. January 2019. (link pdf)

Maryland’s dead-weight occupational licensing laws cost the state a fortune. (with Morris Kleiner).
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Study Reveals the Billions of Dollars U.S. Consumers and the Economy Lose to Occupational Licensing?
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Research & Commentary: Occupational Licensing Laws Hurt State Economies.
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Occupational Licensing Costs $200 Billion Annually
Foundation for Economic Education. December 2018. (link pdf)

New Mexico Governor Orders State Agencies to Reform Occupational Licensing Requirements.
The Heartland Institute. December 2018. (link pdf)

At What Cost?
The Institute for Justice. December 2018. (link pdf)

Occupational Licensing Laws cost California $22 Billion.
The Orange County Register. November 2018. (link pdf)

Guest Opinion: Licensing Laws Cost Utah’s Economy Nearly $2 Billion.
The Deseret News. November 2018. (link pdf)

Study: Occupational Licensing Costs Jobs.
The Courier-Tribune. November 2018. (link pdf)

Two Newly Released Reports Demonstrate The Need For Occupational Licensing Reform.
RedState. November 2018. (link pdf)

Opinion: Licensing Laws Cost Michigan Almost $8 Billion.
The Detroit News. November 2018. (link pdf)

IJ Study Shows Occupational Licensing Cost North Carolina More than 42,000 Jobs.
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2018 Occupational Licensing Review.
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Excessive Occupational Licensing Hurts Coloradans Who Want to Work.
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Occupational licensing blunts competition and boosts inequality.
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Let Us Work.
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Prepared Testimony Before the United States Senate Committee on the
Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights.
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Share of Workforce Licensed, by State.
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Realtors ‘Clean House’ by Stifling the Competition. (with Benjamin Powell).
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Massachusetts Realtors ‘Clean House’ by Stifling the Competition.
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